Koschei the Deathless - Great Grimoire



Figurine en 3 parties Koschei, son voile magique et son socle (inclu)

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Koschei the Deathless

There’s no sign worse for the villagers than to meet a murder of black crows deep in the grove. The second you hear their sinister cawing and flapping of dark wings you better walk away from this path and avoid those places as this can only mean one thing -Koschei is hunting down his innocent prey. An old cunning sorcerer kidnaps girls from local hamlets to get the only thing he can’t get by his unlimited powers - the true love of a pretty young woman. In his rage and failure, he cursed so many poor souls over the years of countless efforts and turned them into black crows that are doomed to serve him forever.

Many tried to overcome the great dark lord of the East but how can one kill the undying who removed his soul to become deathless in eternity?

The wizard himself carefully keeps the secret of his death which makes him invulnerable to enemies. However, elders of these lands tell weird stories while lulling their children to sleep. They tell that there is an island on the sea, an oak stands on that island, a chest is buried under that oak tree, a hare is inside the chest, a duck is inside the hare, an egg is inside the duck, and a needle is inside the egg. At the end of that needle is the Koschei’s death - so fragile and yet so unattainable. And to this day people are still waiting for a hero to be born - the one to find the enchanted needle and finally break the dark spells.


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Koschei the Deathless - Great Grimoire

Koschei the Deathless - Great Grimoire

Figurine en 3 parties Koschei, son voile magique et son socle (inclu)