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Kikimora - Great Grimoire



Figurine + socle scénique d'environ 24mm fourni

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 In this midnight hour the depths of Yaga Marshes are enveloped in mist and brightened only by moonlight. Elder people still believe those places are inhabited by evil spirits waiting for hunters and travelers to lure them down into a bog. And who can say they are wrong after all?

Some folks tell they saw a young girl with the saddest eyes in the world. She was walking around the marshes, alone and beautiful - but as soon as they called her all the sudden she vanished. Gone without a trace. And once a man has seen this pretty face she started following him everywhere. She even visited him in his dreams, tortured him desires - all this only to make him return to the marshes at night. But woe is the one who answered that call for when they find themselves alone in a middle of a swamp something terrible was crawling at them looking straight to their terrified faces with its eyes - the saddest eyes in world. Lucky were those who died of horror before end up at the bottom of the bog. Still, the elder people can tell you a thing or two about chilling screams of the drowned at these marshes...


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Kikimora - Great Grimoire

Kikimora - Great Grimoire

Figurine + socle scénique d'environ 24mm fourni